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I really enjoyed my first visit to your office!!! Your staff was so positive and friendly … they made me feel like family. Everyone was very helpful with answering my questions. My visit with Dr. K was by far the best experience that I have ever had with a dentist and the most in depth exam that I have ever had. He took a lot of time in explaining his findings and what his plan is for me to have a perfect and healthy mouth. I also learned a lot too! Thank you for an amazing experience!
Kari O.
Patient since 2013
Dr. Kostakis is the best dentist in Pinellas! He is honest, compassionate, and every time he has worked on my mouth has been spot on. He put caps on my two front teeth, and they look so natural that they are better than my real teeth. He has improved my smile giving me more self confidence. What more can you ask of a dentist! I would highly recommend Dr. George to anyone!
Leon F.
Patient since 2010
Dr. Kostakis removed one of my molars this week and it was a smooth, painless operation. If I ever move back “up north,” I will have to take the good doctor with me; he’s too good at what he does to leave him behind!
James V.
Patient since 1998
I am a new resident and was thrilled that I found a dentist with the personality, knowledge and caring demeanor that was demonstrated at Dr Kostakis's office.
Marilyn H.
Dr. George Kostakis
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